Friday, 4 September 2009

Oasis by theboycheese

Something different tonight. Hopefully he'll get the bug and contribute some more stuff for me. But this is the first time another Ledger has actually taken the time to write for Diary of a Ledger. A big thank you from me for that.

I had one take on the Oasis split. And this is Mike's. Enjoy.

My name is Mike, long time reader, first time writer!

I will start by complimenting Gray on his writing; he always writes from the heart and, usually, puts together a well thought out piece. Unfortunately his piece on “The Worlds Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band”© has made me put pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard).

I first got in to “The Worlds Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band”© in 1994 after hearing “Supersonic” and when I stood up in my Media Studies A-Level room and announced to the class that a group of 5 cheeky Mancs would take over the world, I didn’t realize how true that statement was and how this band would take over my life.

This band had nothing to do with politics; it was about drinking beer, pulling birds and, more importantly, singing your heart out with your mates to some of the greatest tunes ever written. I’m not going to go over the history again I’m just going to talk about what “The Worlds Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band”© mean to me.

I love the way they didn’t give a damn, I love every interview Noel does, I love the fact I’ve seen them live 9 times and I love the fact that Liam is the greatest front man since Jagger.

I love this band, fact!

My generation never had Beatle-Mania or the Sex Pistols and I was even a bit young to enjoy the Smiths or the Stone Roses but we did have “The Worlds Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band”© and they will be with me till I die.

I think it was the fact that they made people like me feel like we could make it in the music business. I would openly admit that they are not the best musicians (Blur likened them to Status Quo) but what they did made sense to me and my friends, they just hit a nerve and Noel could write a chorus that could make lager filled lads weep.

Ok the lyrics are not Shakespere-esque but we do need to remember that Noel is Dyslexic, just listen to the chorus of Noel & the Chemical Bros song “Let forever be” as “how does it feel like” is not the Queens English. However, songs like “Live Forever” and “Wonderwall” made grown men sing about love and made me, and thousands of others, pick up a guitar for the very first time.

My Parents couldn’t understand why “The Worlds Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band”© v Blur made the News at 10 but that just showed how far this band had come. Blur were the Art students band whereas “The Worlds Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band”© were the band of the people. Blur won but remember, Blur only charged 99p for their single and “The Worlds Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band”© charged £1.99. You also have to remember that Englebert Humperdink beat the Beatles to the No.1 spot back in the day so there is no accounting for the publics taste.

I challenge Gray’s condemnation of “The Worlds Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band”© catalogue as “Be here now” is a fantastic album and I rate “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants” as one of their best records. I agree that the latest record was not very good and it breaks my heart to say this but I feel this was the right time to split. I think Noels solo work will be better than Weller’s and I even think Liam’s stuff, which he has already recorded, will be well received (I will erase “Little James” from my memory!).

I could go on and write thousands of more words on “The Worlds Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band”© but I wanted to keep this short.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you OASIS

'You and I are gonna Live Forever'

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