Sunday, 25 October 2009

Biffy Clyro - Gig Review by AT

It's not that I won't review the gig myself later (of course I will) but AT (@maverick99sback) wanted to write something for the blog.

So here for the first time is a proper post on Diary of a Ledger from AT. Pretty much sums it up though. Awesome night.

I should not like Biffy Clyro. They're loud. And aggressive. And a "proper band". I'm not sure where they sit with Springsteen, Counting Crows, and *coughs* R Kelly and all the drab boybands I (used to) find myself listening too.

I came into it really late. I was oblivious to them until late on. But as only AT can, I embraced it, and went into over drive, to the point where I was downloading (ill)legal BSides and albums even the other Ledgers didn't have.

There's something there. And what I always look for is a good voice (how I'll always justify the bands I listen too. Charlie from Busted has a great voice. FACT. Jay-Z.... less so...)

With the good voice comes the lyrics. And Biffy nail it. ALL the time.

The gig last night made me listen to "A Whole Child Ago" in a different way. GC and I discussed our interpretations. For me, as a young(ish) Dad, its about the sleep I could get away with before Ethan. (Official 5th Ledger TM).

The gig was the best I've been too. I'll think about that more over the next few days, and think I'll stand by it.

Why? "Glitter and Trauma" was a pleasant surprise (really didn't think that would get played). Golden Rule and Mountains mean they bookended with two of my favourite songs of the last few years. And the lack of "Folding Stars", means I'll follow them forever, until I hear that live, with twinkling lights, and lighters in the air.

What it boils down too, is exactly what GC said on this very blog. The Ledgers agree on nothing, but Biffy, and conversations about Biffy, and seeing Biffy live together when we should really have been at home with our loved ones, is what being a Ledger is all about.

There were other Ledgers there last night. Groups of friends, singing "I've started falling apart, I'm not savouring life", and all thinking about dark places they've been too, in their minds - and feeling better for getting it out there. Like a weight had been lifted.

*I'm trying to get you to understand how they've gazumped Counting Crows as my favourite band. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to type how far I'd go to see them live again.*

"Theres a man on the corner... selling dozens of bones. Every type of bone, except the one that I want."

*Okay... I'm ready...*

Go to HMV and at least get Puzzle (Its £4!! Thats less than my Subway cost last night! It was good though.)

*Takes a deep breath*

If Biffy were to get as big as I want, and as big as they deserve.... I'd go and see them at Anfield.

There I said it.

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