Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Biffy Clyro - Only Revolutions Review by @maverick99sback

AT wanted to write his own Biffy review for me and here it is. I totally stand by my four star review. It is a great sometimes heartbreakingly good album but 'Puzzle' is a five star classic and this for me, isn't quite as good. Love AT's passion for Biffy though. It's totally how I feel about them to.

Cheers mate. Great review. Seriously, it's way better written than mine.

"Is this the pinnacle, is this the pinnacle... the pinnacle of being alive?"

I can't dispute Grays review. I thought it was great. But Four Stars? I've already explained I was late to Biffy. I've also explained that when I'm late to something that I love, I almost over compensate and do what I can to catch up. Only Revolutions is my reward.
I tweeted Gray/Gray333/@Diaryofaledger (!) the other day to say after a first play I knew immediately it was a Biffy album more for me, more than for him. He likes the loud bits.
His review is spot on. There's less loud bits. The bits that do "rock out" (Jesus - even I think I'm getting too old to say stuff like that), have more of a pop *shudder* feel to them. But the thing is, Biffy doing pop, is probably how a lot of you would like pop to be all the time. Anyone familiar with Marmaduke duke will know that. There's still an edge (however rounded, and Grays right about that too). There's no two ways about it though, the tone of GC's (TM) review suggests a tinge of dissapointment.

Well I'm dissappointed with that. Not in him. For him. This album makes my heart beat a bit faster, and on two songs potentially stops my heart dead. I want everyone to feel that. For all of it.

"You'll tear us apart, with all the things you don't like... you cant understand that I won't leave"

What suprised me about Grays review was the insinuation Biffy have almost cheated by putting Mountains on there. I'm suprised myself it wasn't a Bonus track, but it had to be on there. And far from reminding me of the first time I heard it* it makes me realise it is a timeless song, that was hugely ignored, and will find a new audience now. And short of riots (ok, maybe not riots), everyone would create a playlist and drag and drop Mountains on anyway. In many ways, this album is about Mountains. And what doors its opened up to the band. I'll follow them through any door. Apart from the gates of Hell. Its hot down there. Ironically Hell would be Grays first choice. Rocking out with minions! I'd be stood there with my hands over my ears going "lalalalala", wishing I was Folding Stars. Too loud for me, you see.

There's no thread like the last one, I cant argue against that either. But the reason this album is an instant classic, and why i'll play it to death, is because its the best follow up that anyone had a right to expect. It adds onto the other one**.

I actually agree with Gray pretty much all of his review, so I wont go over old ground. I just thing its undersold as a **** album. (I heart the stars, btw Gray.)

"Sinners Sin, but aren't aware. I cant keep up with you. I. Cant. Keep.... Up"

Lets put things in perspective though... they're our Band. Feel free to listen, in fact I implore you to listen, but give them back. We might even let you have them one day a month. But never at the weekends. the weekends are for us. i look forward to them playing wembley in 30 years with a Claw stage, with @diaryofaledger and @theboycheese with walking sticks and @flashmcglash81 still making the girls swoon. I'll be at the back. Still a bit scared of the loud bits. Probably swearing. So what? Its what I f***ing do, and sometimes... its all I've got : - )
For Gray and I to only be in dispute over a star is a beautiful moment. But I'm going to kick him in the nuts if he doesn't add a star.


****** If they ever re-release it with Marmadukes cover of "single ladies", and Rubber Lover. *Shakes Booty*

RIP: The whole damn thing. The Captain = who doesn't want to be a pirate?? Just me then... The Golden Rule = rock out in your pants MC style... Bubbles = Marmaduke/Biffy pop madness... God & Satan = perfection... Born On A Horse = a grower. Mountains = Lighters out *everyone looks at GC for a lighter* Shock Shock = "vortex waiting to play"/"I commend your violence... Many Of Horror = Beautiful... Booooom, Blast & Ruin = "oldschool Biffy"... Cloud Of Stink = Marmaduke Duke presents Biffy Clyro! ... Know Your Quarry = I heart pianos... and strings... Whorses =
"I look up to God, but I see trouble.... because this aint a miracle"

* (The one and only time the Ledgers played darts>> Its not important who won >> 6 Bottles of wine >> Really. Its not important >> In to town >> I wont tell >> Messy >> Ok. I won)
** I refuse to mention the other album by name. It would be unfair. It is, quite simply my favourite album of all time. Sorry Adam. (insert pic of Adam Duritz looking sad).