Thursday, 17 December 2009

Avatar - Review by @maverick99sback

With any luck, Avatar will change the way movies are made. At the very least, the way BIG movies are made. Spielberg movies. Maybe the latest David Fincher movie. Hell, maybe even the new Sandra Bullock rom-com.

What Cameron has done is create an immersive world. Anyone not wanting missles flying out of the screen like a glorified thempark ride, need not apply. This is about aerial shots from helicopters, with holographic displays poking out at you, like you're IN the chopper.

Every review I've read says it takes twenty mins to "get into" the 3-D. I feel sorry for them. The first twenty mins were my fave. Droplets of water, astronauts floating around. There's just so much depth.

The shock and awe for me is secondary. The billed last battle I even found a bit underwhelming. I never thought I would prefer the scene of Sulley discovering what sand on his new feet felt like.

It's got me thinking what the X-Wing attack on the death star would be like in 3-D. Or the T-Rex attack. Or the first site of Jaws. The opening shot of San Francisco in Zodiac, or even the factory scene in I, Robot where the robots are lined up, in their thousands.

I hope it's a game changer. I hope Speilberg and the other Hollywood powerhouses get on board. Films are going to seem hollow from now on, for me at least.

See it in 3-D or not at all. Try and IMAX it if you can. But see it for the technology, or to see what subtitles look like in 3-D. If we want films to progress forward, this looks like the next logical step.

This is Adam Truscott, signing off.*

*** (without 3D)
***** (with 3D)

*And booking to go again Sunday.

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