Monday, 22 February 2010

A Message From @maverick99sback

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to write about films...
I love films. Prob not as much as Football, and despite knowing glances, certainly nowhere near as much as my family.
But much like some are into music, and let music form a soundtrack to their lives, I've always done that with movies. From a young age, I would quote them. I wrote a love letter to a girl with the lyrics from a song I had heard from Three Men and a Little Lady. (I know, anyone whose met my wife asks me how I managed to convince her to marry me. I'm still looking for the answer, although when I buy her Time Travellers Wife for valentines Day and cry more than she does, I get a glimpse of an answer).
So Gray started the blog, and I'm an avid reader like you are. It came up in conversation that i might do film reviews as a regular thing. I suggested making them 140 characters as a tribute to Twitter, or completley done in picture form. (My pictures are the stuff of infamy on Twitter, and along with my foul language, and ridiculous biase to Manchester united, even when our "fans" throw coins, they're probably my trademark.)
I'm too lazy to start my own blog. Maybe my Mac purchase will inspire me, so I can sit on my ass, and watch films in the background. But I'm well aware I'm controversial, and undoubtably play to that. If you say you love Shawshank Redemption  to me too many times, I'll tell you I hate it, to buck the trend. If I tell you I love Heat, and you say you don't, I'll unfollow you. Not the most mature attitude, and certainly not one to base a Blog on. But I do love films.
I think final vote should go to Gray, but I just thought it might be worth highlighting this was coming up. He likes mass debate (I MUST grow up), so message him or me with suggestions. Do you want it to be a recommendation? Films from the past? My Top Tens you must see? The worst films I've ever seen? Random suggestions, so @DomCoke can suggest a Black and White movie from three hundred years ago, noone else has seen?

So what do you think twitter?  Message either of us on twitter, facebook or email and let is know.  

Cheers, G and AT.