Monday, 22 March 2010

Big Trouble in Little China - by @maverick99sback

I love "Big Trouble In Little China". I remember living in Farnborough, (back in the day), and our house had one of those stairwells that turned back on itself. It meant I could just about creep down ten stairs, and have a landing where if I got my angles right, I could spy on the TV. Funnily enough, porn wasn't on my mind then (it was), and instead I seized the opportunity to catch films, or bits of films, that my parents were watching. I remember "Thriller" being an example of something that was huge at the time, and I also remember creeping down to see "Salem's Lot". My Dad denies it to this day, but he caught me, and said I would have to watch the whole thing the following day, and explain to my school why I was absent. I was genuinely scared! In a Jack Burton rambling sort of way, this brings me to "BTILC". On that same stairwell I remember seeing the trailer before a movie Mum and Dad had rented. Probably not even realising what a tease it was, they let me watch it. Over and over. Until they realised they may be at midnight before they could start their film!

It had everything. Lightning bolts, BIG trucks, girls with green eyes, upside down hell, kung fu, the best handle bar tache I've ever seen, and Kurt Russell. An icon for my Dad, he instantly became one for me. Allegedly his Agent didn't tell him last year he was offered a role in "Expendables", Stallone's re grouping of all of the great 80's action heros. A little bit of me died, when I heard that. Russell had already had a double whammy with "Escape From New York" and "The Thing". That pretty much puts you in the hall of fame as it is. The thing about Russell at the time, was his relationship with director, John Carpenter. They made it a big screen hat rick with "BTILC", and people didn't know what to make of it. It instantly became cult viewing though, and a hugely quotable film. I like Cult. Although I'm glad I'm not in one. I love the idea that other people don't "get" something, and I do.
Carpenter will get a post of his own, as I consider Halloween his fifth best film, and that's saying something. Russell is an all time hero. I've just read that he has an uncredited role as Elvis' voice in "Forrest Gump". That seals the deal.
The best recommendation I can give you about "Big Trouble", is I don't want any of you to see it. Its my film. The one above all others I remember from the 80s*. I love that when I first really met JMcG, even though we were surrounded by hundreds of lovely girls in a club, with all of them trying to "grind us" (they weren't), all we could do was through back "Big Trouble" quotes. JMcg probably won, but his cheque is in the mail.
If nothing else, you should google the link to the music video. If GC is as hot at computing as I think he is, he may even put a link. If not... you know, google it.

"Yeah, I can do better than that AT..."
*There was another, but we had to post on IMDB to find out what it was called. My fellow Ledgers thought I had made it up. I doubted myself. In the end, justice prevailed. Can't remember what it was called though. Cant have been that good. Certainly not "Big Trouble" good!
"Are you ready Jack?"
"I was born ready!"