Monday, 8 March 2010

The movies that made me cry by @maverick99sback

OK, new rules. If you request a theme/movie, it gets done. Straight away. I had already sent Gray week two, and was halfway through three, when I got two requests. So, following on from last week, and in true QT style, we have two parts.

"Which movie expectantly made you cry?", by the finest Wench in all of twitterland, @KJCollard.

Two films have literally destroyed me in the cinema that I can think of and for different reasons. The first is "Big Fish", by Tim Burton, that oddly, was on the other night. I'm sure it’s the Father/Son relationship that gets me. I know that came up last week as a theme, and I find it strange, as we are really close. No estranged Fathers here. I haven't seen it since becoming a Dad, but I know it will get me then too. I think it’s the combination of magic and reality, and how time is running out for all of us. I think about that a lot. Similar in vein is "Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Clocks ticking away, and never knowing if you've missed your chance in life. I thought about this when Ethan was born and thought him and his Mum might not make it (there was a moment when that looked on and in his first three days he was rushed to IC). F- it, I thought. If I can afford a 50" TV I'm getting one. If Mrs T needs anything, it’s hers. As long as Ethan is never spoilt, in the bad sense of the word, I'll get what I can for him. Life. Is. Too. Short.

I'm rambling. @domcoke needs to be my editor, so he can tighten things up! Make every word count, make every word count.

Second @KJCollard, is "The Green Mile". I went to see this soon after my now ex GF went to Uni in Warwick. I was devastated she had gone, and never thought we would make it last two weeks, let alone two years. I went with my Mum and Dad, knowing little about it. It started my "Beat anyone down if they try and tell you ‘Shawshank Redemption’ is the best film ever". It’s not. I found this far more effecting. Good guys don't always win, and again the message is of hope, and of making your chance count. I also love the John Coffey as Jesus Christ connotation, as, although as a complete disbeliever, the thought of someone with higher powers NOT being a robed white guy with beard, (or Alanis Morrisette), really appeals.

Most recently, I got so giddy in the first "Transformers" that Ethan had a film that I think he will grow up on, I may have shed a little tear. Only at the bit where Bumble Bee sends the message to the other Autobots though. Steve Jablonsky outdid Zimmer on the score, there.

Secondly, and at the risk of getting charged for space on GCs (glorious) Blog...


@domcoke lent me this, and I think both of us were surprised by my response to it. IMDB it for details, but in essence, for ninety minutes there's visuals/music/sound effects and the occasional tribal chant. Everyone should see it, and I think it should be alone. The Bluray is region free, and I thought I would have gritted teeth saying this, but don't, its the best sounding and def best looking, I've ever seen. 

What I was trying to say in KJCs piece was timing is really important with movies for me. I found out my Grandpa had cancer Weds, and was rushed into Hospital Thurs. That may have had an effect on me, here. There's so much imagery on show, but there's sequences of clouds kissing huge mountains, literally flowing through valleys, that are otherworldly.. Its gorgeous. The time lapses on it is the best I've ever seen, and I just kept thinking about how other movies "waste" shots. Literally every movie I've ever seen. (Even "Heat"!). Yet here is a movie trying to make everyone count. The imagery of a thousand candles getting blown in every direction like they are dancing, or possibly the most stunning Cathedral you've ever seen stand out. But for me, the clouds made me think of how I hoped heaven looked as a kid. If it does exist, I hope it looks like that.

Thanks for the suggestions @KJCollard and @domcoke. Thanks for the space, @diaryofaledger.

Today's post is dedicated to Stan the Man who passed away this morning.

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