Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Clash of the Titans - Review (by @maverick99sback)

"Neither God, nor man... You can change everything"

Some people have already made their minds up about the remake of "Clash of the Titans". It seems that because greedy fat cats in Hollywood chose to "re-do" bits of the film in 3D, rather than shoot it in 3D (ala "Avatar"), there’s a lynching in town. Well, there’s a solution... See it in 2D, and stop whining.

James Cameron has created a Monster. Like the cool kid in the school playground, everyone wants to copy him. I know how he feels. (I don't). But we need some perspective here. It’s not the films fault, Hollywood "touched it up". See it in 2D, and this is a three star film, no doubt. Not the disaster people are painting it as. I've not seen it get above a three, with those reviews claiming they are being generous. Behave.

Empire gave Clash three stars, claiming one extra star was for Ralph Fiennes. Here, he’s playing Hades like Voldermort, his character in "In Bruges" (minus the C-Bombs). An hour in, I'd agree. He was excellent. So theatrical, and OTT, that it totally added to the film. Then he disappears... And he's not the only one. I thought reports of Danny Huston having one line as Poseidon were a joke/myth... they weren't. I called it going in, that the film would be like "Kingdom of Heaven" - in that there was a three hour epic waiting to get out, of a two hour cut-to-ribbons Hollywood Blockbuster. Definitely the case. "Avatar" should have proven that people are willing to spend three hours in a cinema, if they feel immersed. This is definitely *no* "Avatar", but I look forward to the BluRay if there’s an Extended Cut.

Positives? The look. Beautiful. Epic in scale. The irony of the botched 3D, is that it reminded me of "Avatar" in that with the 3D working, to give a sense of depth you can actually reach into - this could have worked. As it is, I felt transported. I loved the intro. I love the idea of the Gods playing with humans, as if they are pawns on a giant chess board. Seeing Ralph Fiennes squaring up to Liam Neeson was great two. Schindler’s List but with magic. Put *that* as the tag line on the poster!!

The effects were fantastic. The Scorpinoks were far more satisfying than I thought from the trailer.  The only bit I felt let down by, was Medusa. The set itself was incredible. Heat literally coming off the screen. But the scene seemed rushed*, and the CGI doesn't convince. This was my fave bit in the original, but the film pulls it back. The finale is demented. You have Hades flying around like a winged mentalist, Pegasus (phenomenal effects, here) darting left and right, Andromeda thinking she's in "King Kong", instead of "Clash", and Sam Worthington - finally delivering on the promise. Hollywood take note. The guys an Aussie. Let him keep the accent. It’s not distracting. The 3D in the finale with The Kraken is meant to be the only worthy bit, so I will check that out - but this is a 2D film, folks. Even the new "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" used JC's "proper 3D big boys camera". Hollywood can kick itself all they want for not following suite, but they've set up "RETURN OF THE TITANS" perfectly, so.... Bring it on.


 (with a wager that the Extended Cut is     .)