Monday, 19 April 2010

I ♥ Sylvester Stallone by @maverick99sback

I would not be the man I am today, if it weren't for Sylvester Stallone.*puffs out chest, and wipes single, manly tear*. If there’s a single Actor, (if you can call him that), that proved to be the soundtrack to my early life, it’s him. My Uncle, (bit of a role model), knew my obsession with Sly, and had promised to draw me a poster of Stallone on one half, and having Schwarzenegger as the other half. Needless to say, it never got finished. In my head, it was the greatest thing of all time. I bought it up recently, at my Granddads funeral, thinking it may be a good time to emotionally black mail him into trying again... then I realised... it would never be as good as what was in my head anyway.

That same uncle had a killer vinyl collection. I'm not talking Madonna, or Kylie and Jason... I'm talking the "Cobra" Soundtrack. Again..., as is a theme, I would never have been  allowed to see this. I saw it recently, and the main bad guy, is still pretty terrifying, hunting fit blondes. Something we've all thought of doing, I'm sure. *nervous laughter*.

What I *was* allowed to watch, was "First Blood", aka "Rambo". I was transfixed. I got it recently on Blu (Get the region free one from the States - one of the best transfers I've seen), and its just a classic chase film. Stallone actually acts in it too, which is nice. JMcG and I watched "The Specialist" recently, and even as an ardent fan... its tough, to defend his "acting", at times. But *he* knows this too. His career will read as an Action Mans wish list, and I'll jot down below the ones I think are worth catching. But in amongst it.... there’s gold. "Copland" is a phenomenal film. Truly a great Cop film, and Stallone being on screen with De Niro still makes my heart soar. It was the first of a few comebacks, and he's forged himself a career that for me is far more worthy than Willis (who blew his "Pulp Fiction"/"12 Monkeys" kudos), and Arnie (FFS, get back with Cameron, will you??)

My Dad rented "Rambo III", and I had to play up stairs, whilst he "vetted" it. It was an 18. A disaster. Luckily, I got the call down, with a couple of "hide behind your eyes moments". With our growing VHS (!) collection, I had more and more at my disposal. Amongst them, the "Rocky" films. It took me a while to grow into the first - and it is a masterpiece of cinema. So iconic. Although some of the sequels diminished that quality, there are moments, that defiantly shaped my love of film. "Rocky III", the race on the beach. Brilliant. "Rocky IV", the training montage. So 80's. Stallone totally *getting* what his audience were after. It also introduced me to Dolph Lundgren, and my obsession with "Red Scorpion". Not a bad little film, but two things got me here. One, I became obsessed with trying to draw the hammer and sickle. Secondly, the tag line was "Lets kick some Ass". Not only did I find it amazing they had been allowed to swear on a poster, I also thought "ass", was spelt "arse". Anyway.

So re-visit "Cliffhanger". It was the first 15 I snuck into in the cinema. My sister say it the night before, and I begged here to dumb down how violent it was, so dad would take me. Stunning action film. Looks immense, on Blu. Watch "Demolition Man" again. Its aged really well, and the "Phoenix" bungee jump scene at the start is quality. And as a hidden gem, check out "Night Hawks", a quirky cop thriller, with Rutger Hauer as a terrorist - and featuring a brilliant end twist. And never forget, "Rocky Balboa", followed by "Rambo".... followed by "The Expendables". Potentially the greatest triple whammy. Ever.

"I must break you!"
 I'll leave you with one of the greatest scenes in any movie. I need a montage! ("Team America" joke).

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