Monday, 12 April 2010

I ♥ Top Gun by @maverick99sback

"After chasing Sunsets, one of life's simple joys is playing with the boys"

I Heart Top Gun. It started my Tom Cruise thing, (not gay), and means to this day I'll defend Val Kilmer* * I quote it on a daily basis. I use it to defend Tony Scott to people when they think he’s just about putting bombs up peoples asses ("Man On Fire"). I think the soundtrack is one of the best examples of encapsulating a Decade. I love the visuals. The sound. The fact that it made volleyball cool, (not gay). As a film of the 80s, its the Best of the Best. *winks at @diaryofaledger (not gay).

"Talk to me Goose"

In terms of providing a soundtrack to my life, this is as good an example of any, of doing it literally. I used to live in Farnborough, and would wait for the Air Show, so I could ride my bike alongside the Migs and F14s as they took off. I often had shades on, slicked back hair, and would punch the air. Shouting. The Planes were often quicker than me, so I needed a back up option. I would wait until the show shut up for the evening, and set up a camp fire. I'd sit, and sometimes lay on the wing of a plane seductively, hoping a Female flight instructor may see me. If not her, maybe a hunky Pilot, (not gay).

"And what I'm feeling inside... in your eyes"

OK, none of the above is true. Apart from the last bit (not gay). But the point is, Top Gun is so iconic, and so embedded in my life, it is part of my daily life. Ask my Wing(wo)man, @kyelani. If I'm not screaming "Yeeeaaahhh", like George Michael (gay) - whose hair circa Faith was surely a homage to Ice Man - I'm saying "Great balls of fire", ala Goose. My call sign is obviously Maverick, too. This stems from my dad being a computer geek, too, growing up. He used Viper as his call sign, and it went from there.

"I'll go straight into the fire now, until everyday is done"

To link it to my childhood, I just remember being really embarrassed during the sex scene. Watching that with my parents was a bit uncomfortable, to be fair. In case you didn't know, that was shot last, and added in. The scene in the lift, where Kelly McGillis has her hair tied up, and cap on, is because filming had stopped, and her hair was cut for the new role. Ha. Maybe the producers thought the film was a bit.... gay? Whatever. Fancy a game of volleyball? Err... I mean Modern warfare. *puffs out chest, and flips the bird*

"You can be my wing man anytime"
"Bullshit. You can be mine"

As one final great visual gag to leave you with... and I cant believe I'm admitting this.... (I'm not gay)... I waited and waited for the Top Gun Anthem to be released on the PSN network, as a playable song on guitar hero. I didn't even have the guitar. I genuinely thought I'd be able to play it on the controller, but even when I couldn't, I *may* have still rocked out in the living room

Except for "Island of Dr Moreau". Surely even his Mum deserted him after that?