Monday, 24 May 2010

'I haven't seen this since I was sperm,' by @maverick99sback

To quote some random, “I haven’t seen this since I was sperm”.

It will make it hard to review it too much. I vaguely remember them finding out about the Dragon, and taking him away. I think I may have cried.

Fortunately, I remember labyrinth a lot clearer. The Boy Cheese leant it to me recently, and it holds it’s own. I’ve never been a massive Bowie fan. He was before my time, in terms of music. I always remember going in to Blockbusters though, and seeing The Man Who Fell to Earth. I couldn’t understand why a singer was in a movie. Especially, at 18. I thought it would damage their image. I guess I didn’t realize that Bowie was never really for kids. Part of that confusion probably stems from Labyrinth. My Sister and I just watched it over and over. It was a permanent fixture in our VHS player.
This may explain why I’ve continued to love musicals. I’m not sure there’s many better than this, though. The effects have held up now. You can get it on Blu for £7, so what are you waiting for?

(Oh… A Blu Ray player. That reminds me… on the Stag, when I was forced into buying The Box ((read about that here)), the lady in HMV asked if I knew that a Blu Ray wouldn't play in a normal DVD player. They’ve had loads back. Jesus… If only she knew…)

Unfortunately… before borrowing it from MC, all he kept going on and on about was how blatant his… er… manhood was in his outfits. I guess Bowie was for kids, after all.

Plus Jennifer Connelly may have been my first major crush. After Drew Barrymore, in E.T, obviously.