Monday, 17 May 2010

Movies are my life by @maverick99sback

So I threw this week out to twitter, and again, like a guardian Angel, @emmabunce suggests True Romance – and she’s right.

I had a “set to” with @domcoke about it a while ago. He said mean, mean things. That it was poor. That it was puerile. That it was a sham. I hurt like a man hurt when he sees his best mate hitting on his mum. So I went on Amazon, and bought it immediately. Probably, with a couple of others. It was the equivalent of saying to my best mate… fine. I’m going to do your Mum, and your sister. At the same time.

It’s Christian Slater’s best film. It has some iconic, memorable scenes. And you could make a case for it being Tarantino’s best script.

I remember watching it at Simon Reeves’ house, and the first thing that got me was Zimmer’s music. I didn’t know at the time it was a borderline straight lift of Badlands. I just see that as making it cooler. I love Terence Malick, and would imagine QT and Tony Scott do too.

It sounds weird saying it now, but this was like Romeo and Juliet growing up. But with added racism, pimps, and attempted rape.

It’s a brutal film. Very, very violent. I winced watching it recently, when Drexl had his nads blown off.

The Sicilian speech had me in stitches. Maybe the only time I’ve ever wanted to not hit Dennis Hopper in the face. And at the same time making me proud that my uncle is a dead ringer for Christopher Walken.

I love the film. As a 14 year old I wanted to be Clarence Worley. Big shades, fit girlfriend, and Elvis. As an imaginary friend. Or is he…

“I like you Clarence… always have”

Dedicated to Em, who can be my Alabama Worley any day.