Monday, 10 May 2010

Why I Love Dances With Wolves and Directors Cuts by @maverick99sback

So Gray has been very reasonable and not really mentioned my normal Monday posting on his Blog. I have my own Blog now, and if you ask @Fionakyle you’ll see I’ve been a tad prolific. 70 odd posts in less than a month. But I feel like I owe it to Gray to carry on, as doing this created my Blog in the first place. So this continues as long as he wants it too.

“Dances With Wolves” was more for my Dad, than me. I had never really been into the Cowboy thing, but I remember vividly the night I went to see it.

Mum and Dad picked me up after school, and we went to Basingstoke. Dad used to get Empire, (still one of only two mags I get on subscription… with the other being Total Film).

Now a 3-hour western should not have got me as engrossed as it did. But I was, and always will be a Kevin Costner fan. I wasn’t really allowed to see “No Way Out”, (lots of sexy time), but Dad told me the twist, and I loved it. Bizarrely, I was allowed to see “Untouchables”, which to this day would make my top 25. “Prince of Thieves” was another Basingstoke trip. I’ve just grown up with him. “Field of Dreams”. I get the whole dour thing, but for me, he’s a bit of a hero.

The reason I’m sat at waterloo, after the Greatest Stag Ever, writing about it, is because it introduced me to Directors Cuts. I remember my dad talking about it. How a 3-hour film would become a 4-hour film – as originally intended. He got it the day of release on VHS.

Directors Cuts are the Holy Grail for me, now. If I see a film, I immediately go to IMDB and try to see if there could feasibly be one. On DVD and Blu now, you get “unrated cuts”, and as much as I abhor the sort of frat pack films they tend to be part of, they offer an alternate vision, or at least a chance for the Director to “restore”, or just “try again”.

James Cameron is a master at it. “T2” restores Michael fricking Biehn. It doesn’t get much better. The additions to Aliens totally change the pacing as well.

Ridley Scott is a good one to end on.  “Blade Runner” is a great example of this treatment, and the metal case DVD is one of the few I’ll keep hold of. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more blatant DC in the waiting as “Kingdom of Heaven”, though. I came out and text my Dad immediately as said, “this was meant to be twice as long”. Sure enough I was right, and the DC is vastly superior. As a completist I wont get the Blu though. Not until a copy comes out with both versions on it. 

I just laughed, as when I got Dune, with two versions, I watched them both at the same time. You know… to compare the differences. How did I end up with a gorgeous wife and kid?