Monday, 12 July 2010

The One Where $2.7B Isn't Enough

"I'm The King Of The World!"

James Cameron is a monster.

His crew wore "I survived Jim Cameron" T Shirts on The Abyss.

He is a perfectionist, and a control freak. Like him or not, he's also the most important director in the world. Not once, but twice, he has stuck his  course, and come up with the goods. And then some.

People don't like to like Titanic. I get that. But it's a behemoth. It's bigger than anything else that springs to mind. It is, the definition of awesome - larger than life.

So then? Then he launches Avatar. $2.7 Billion. UNBELIEVABLE. Nothing else comes anywhere near it.

It created a debate in the whole 3-D thing - but crucially, and this is forgotten, this was shot for Imax, in 3-D. It's how it was meant to be seen. You could have a projector at home, and the best surround system in the world - sorry, wasn't made for that. Cameron knew it. So.... 9 months later, it's back.

Avatar launches world wide again, on August 27th. At cinemas first, exclusively in 3-D. It has 9 minutes restored, which I believe, starts the story on Earth.

The reason? Well he's spent all his cash, surely? No. The main reason is that Alice In Wonderland, (Which although panned, still took a cool £1B+), came out, and booted Avatar from the IMAXs in the world.

And in 9 months, hey presto, Southampton has an Imax. TFFT, by the way. Inception on Friday is going to fry my mind.

So look, put the hate aside, see this film in 3-D, at an IMAX, in August. It's the only way to see the film. It's how it was intended to be seen. It's an experience.

Then? Then we get the Blu Ray, finally in 3-D. Watch those TVs shift then *Looks at Mrs T*

Then... Well, then wait for April 12th, 2011. Titanic. 3-D. 100th Anniversary.

And the hits just keep on coming.