Monday, 26 July 2010

The One Where Where Three Is The Magic Number

Well, that was nice.

Toy Story 3 wraps up a trilogy that I really feel part of. I feel like I've grown up with the characters, and if the fat cats in Hollywood can stay away, it's the perfect closing act.

So, I thought I'd throw it out there.

What is the greatest movie trilogy of all time?

Gray and I have been trying to open the Blogs up (mines here), to encourage a bit of interaction. So... let's have a vote.

I'll give you a few suggestions, then it's up to you.

For one week, everyone votes by commenting below.

Comment moderation is off, so you can literally leave your vote, and ideally a reason.

Then, next Monday, there will be a piece on this here Blog, with Gray and my views on said trilogy.

There's quite a few to choose from, when you think about it... but there are some rules.

Rambo, as good as that was... Does. Not. Count. That is now a series of films, and ceases to be just a trilogy.

This needs to be three's. Any more, any less. It. Does. Not. Count.

So, them's the rules.

Happy voting.


This is a trilogy, as the sequels don't exist to most people.

Until they convince PJ to sign on the dotted line... TRILOGY!


So, go on... Vote.

GC may even do a little graph.