Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The One Where AT Tells You There's More To Will Ferrell Than Anchorman!

Evening kids, it's AT on GCs Blog - like we normally do on Tuesday! (Or a Monday, back in the day).

During this post I will be reminding you I'm me, only because it was bought to my attention that I never sign this off, or even mention I wrote them.

I think the subject matter, and scatty writing style is a gimme, but hey.

I'm AT.

Right... lets talk about something very odd that happened on twitter last Wens Wends Wendds ...Wednesday

Anchorman Fever.

I am here to remind you that Will Ferrell is an actor. And has done other films. Some (One) dare I say it, better than Anchorman.

Now I learnt my lesson from the whole Shawshank Sheep thing. I'm not here to preach to you. To tell you that you're rubbish, or that you don't know a good comedy.

Comedy, like most things, is subjective.

I like mine played straight, dry, controversial, pitch black dark.

Someone else might like stoners looking for their car.

I'm a fan of Ricky Gervais - some can't stand him.

There's similarities there with Will Ferrel, no question.

*It's still AT*

Some people just can't stand the guy. And I get that to a certain extent.

Like most comedians he sticks within his comfort zone. Michael Cera is an example of that. Get it right (Juno/Scott Pilgrim), he's a Hero. Get it wrong... well, then you have Year One.

What's that you heckle at the back? You liked Year One? Well, thanks. You just proved my point.
Eh? No, not the one about comedy being subjective. The one about you being an idiot. That film was worse than Shawshank Redemption - and I don't say that lightly.

What I do think Will Ferrell is brilliant at, is coming in to a mediocre film, and stealing the show. Starsky And Hutch, and Wedding Crashers are great examples.

I'm not a fan at all of "frat pack" comedies. At all. So Old School isn't my sort of thing, I'm afraid. I'd challenge anyone that WF isn't the best thing in it, though.

There's a serious side to WF, too. Stranger Than Fiction is a quirky little film. GC owns that. Which I find bizarre.

He also owns Talledega Nights, which I'm.... trying... really.... hard.... not to mention. (Breaths). I just think it's better. There. I said it.

Anyone that knows me will know that I hate things that are overrated (and to me, the definition of that is something that is rated highly. Over, and over.) Compare the two. Would there be RTs of Talledega quotes if it was on? Would twitter even notice?

I fear not.

So there you have it. Will Ferrell. When he's on form, he's untouchable.

When he's not, he makes things like Land Of The Lost. Blades Of Glory. Bewitched. Kicking And Screaming.

So take Anchorman. Cherish it. Love it. But don't forget the others.

And remember, both Dodge Ball and Napoleon Dynamite are better anyway. OK?

Fuck you, San Diego.