Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The One Where Violence Loses It's Effect

I watched Rambo, t'other day. My theory was to psyche myself up for Expendables. It got me thinking...

What's the most violent film ever?

Lets be clear, don't hit the links if you're squeamish, m'kay?

Rambo has to be up there. The final shoot out, is mental. Like Stallone wanted to tackle how desensitised the world had become to violence. So he ramped it up. All the way to eleven.

Stallone maintains there is a message there. The Directors Cut is meant to clear some of that up. Expendables falls somewhere in the middle.

Another one for your consideration. Robocop still shocks me, now. It is crazy how violent that film is. Like an Adult comic book film. X Rated.

But why? To offer adults escapism? Verhoevan made a career out of that, with two other contenders. Total Recall is insane. Blood shed everywhere. I remember dad buying it, and having to have it on so low, because of the vilence, he could barely hear it. I know, because I was stood outside the door, trying to listen.

Paul Verhoevan had another go, with Starship Troopers. But that's for another day. the reason being that there are aliens involved. And even though plenty of humans get messed up, the fact that aliens are involved, and that it's not set on earth, immediately makes the violence less upsetting.

Thems the rules.

I saw Irreversible and the two scenes of violence in that shook me up. So much that I've never revisted. So how can I watch Rambo over and over? It's a bit odd. Passion Of The Christ would have to be up there too, I suppose.

The Wild Bunch? Nowadays, less so. So does that mean films have got more violent? Or have people just become more used to it?

The Hills Have Eyes shocked me in the cinema, but it's a Horror. And as mentioned above, genre has a lot to do with this.

Straw Dogs? A Clockwork Orange? Last House On The Left? They don't even register for me. Violent, yeah. But the shocking scenes in those are all around nasty rapes. Their reputations as video nasties boots them in with the wrong crowd. they are very different to Cannibal Holocaust and the like.

So the mystery goes on.

But there's something there. Drawing me back in. Even if it's with me watching through my hands.

Any I've missed? Has anything ever made you switch off, never to return?

Jot them below.

And see Expendables this weekend!


  1. Terminator, The Evil Dead.

    Check this out:


  2. Evil Dead is a good shout.

    Especially the tree scene. All a little bit grim and nasty there.

    Terminator? Not guilty. Downgrading from an 18 to a 15 now backs that up.