Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The One Where AT Runs Out Of Ideas

AT here. Struggling.

I've been lucky last week. I got to write about three of my favourite movies from the 80's.

Enemy Mine. Inner Space and Big Trouble In Little China.

All three links take you to my fave movie site, where I've been told, if I keep writing, they'll keep posting.

I'll keep writing.

Here? Here was where it all started. Writing for Gray, about "Movies That Shaped The Soundtrack To My Life". Films that got me into films in the first place.

Then, after a while, I took peoples suggestions. They had to fit the mould mind - so we ended up with Labyrinth, and Petes Dragon.

I always loved that title. Maybe I need to get back to it.

Or maybe I stick to the suggestions? Or the randoms? (Most violent movies ever?)

Or... ah-ha, this appeals... next week I write about films that have writers block.