Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The One Where AT Screams In Space (Like A Girl)

"Hey, Vasquez... Have you ever been mistaken for a Man?"
"No. Have you?"

OK, so this is how this works.

On a Tuesday, I write on Grays Blog. He writes on mine.

He does music, I do films.

Got it?

Right, let me tell you a little story about Space Marines...

I remember the day my Mum bought my Dad the VHS of Aliens. It took so long for films to come to video, it may have been 2010. But, I remember this clearly. I am sure we passed a cinema, and Fright Night 2 was showing. That would be late 1988, so it fits.

The reason I remember it so clearly is the cover art.

The poster for FN2 is not the sort of thing a 7 year old forgets. The video cover of Aliens was just... perfect.

And so I fell in love, instantly.

It was hard being a film fanatic at 7. It meant my Dad had to really judge what I could and couldn't see.

Aliens, apart from the whole teeth through the face, and chest bursters, was deemed a "semi offence". The language was what bothered my Dad more.

So I had finally seen it, and the love affair carried on. It's maybe up there with Die Hard and Big Trouble In Little China as my most watched movies ever.

So what of the spangly new Blu Ray that Tesco saw fit to leave on my front door mat, for all and sundry? (Along with BTTF and some others. I think I might say they've gone missing...)

Well, a bit like The Godfather it's clearly touched up - but not as you may expect. Compared to Alien, there is visible grain.

To be fair, Jim Cameron had always said this would be the case - but considering it's my fave of the four (next weeks vote?), and likely to be my most watched, I was a little bit surprised.

That said, it seems to last 30 minutes or so, then the rain on LV426 looks better than ever. After you've got over the fact that the drop ship is a model (what? WHAT? I know), the picture picks up. Obviously then the marines go in doors, and it's very, very dark again.

Crucially, to keep it all ticking along, you have 5.1 DTS. And it booms. So much so that I had to realise it was only 8:00 AM, so I turned the sub down a little.

When it hit 9:00, and the bug hunt started, it cranked it up to eleven.

The initial attack is genius. All gun flares, and Gormans view on the screens. You see very little. Then Ripley takes the car - and you realise Cameron is the best action director of all time.

The music is brilliant. The vid below is fan made. Very nice, but nothing with out James Horner keeping things going. It's so good it could be Zimmer. And I don't say that lightly.

I went with the Directors Cut. Cameron introduces it and says it's his preferred cut of the film. I'm not going to disagree. More Aliens can only be a good thing. Especially if it gives you Sentry Gun tips for Call Of Duty...

It's about twenty minutes longer, but following on from Alien, it works perfectly. SO much more time is spent setting up the Colony.

Bill Paxton ("GAME OVER, MAN!"), and Michael Biehn became heros forever after this. It was all about Hudson when I was growing up. Now, watching back, it's all about Hicks.

Sleeping through the drop ship to the planet? Check.
Shot gun for close encounters? Check.
Iconic scene in a lift, face covered in acid burns? Check.

Talking of which, the make up effects look incredible. The clarity is there.

The beauty of the set though is you have both versions. Plus you upgrade your DVD box set and pretend they never sold that as a "Quadrilogy".


"I like to keep this, for close encounters"

Cheers for reading.

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So if you have a Blu Ray player, and you like your movies - you've already got this, right? Right?

It's the only way to be sure.