Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The One Where AT Finds He Loves Horror Films

Evening kids. AT here. A bit scared, to be honest. Hold me?

My Mum and Dad  came round for a curry on Saturday night.

We sat in my conservatory, which was nice.

Then I got that feeling. Someone was watching me. Horror films will do that to you...

We got talking, and Dad told me how, in the 80s, Sarah Green had done a show on Halloween - that was a fake Exorcism.

It got me thinking. Why doesn't the UK fully embrace Halloween?

As a film fan, I love it.

I remember the first time I saw The Exorcist at the cinema. And how I was scared to walk up my long garden path.

I remember watching Halloween with my ex girlfriend, and a framed picture falling off it's hook, falling to the floor. Maybe she was a witch?

I remember the first time I was allowed to watch The Thing. How the fact it blew my mind that someone thought of a head sprouting legs. Just genius.

I remember being a security guard of a building where my Mum and ex girlfriend worked. Being the last in that building... well, I should have been thinking about Die Hard. I wasn't though. I was thinking about white subliminal faces. And people being behind me. Probably with a huge knife, or garden shears.

You see, Horror films, more than any other genre, can leave an after thought. Keep you looking over your shoulder. Thinking about images, or scenarios.

I tweeted the other night when I went to see Paranormal Activity 2, that if they didn't start the film soon I would do a  Scream 2, and go postal.

Most environments have been covered with this genre of film. So much so, that you can't get in a lift now, with out looking at the people around you.

I love Horror films. Watching so many this week has made me realise how much.

I know I missed the Halloween boat a lil bit, but it's a genre I don't talk about enough.

Watch a scary movie tonight. Freak yourself out. I dare you.