Monday 2 March 2009

No Line On The Horizon - Review

I've been listening to it all weekend.  Better than Achtung...? Time will tell I guess.  Best since? No doubt.  Achtung still sounds good today, the last two will fade into the memory, U2 treading water, but this is, this is different.  Bono's probably ruined U2 for millions, including the band members, with all his crusading, but this album sounds like the rest of the band went away and 'dreamt it all up again'.  It's probably the album that should have followed Zooropa.

There was a danger they'd become a bit Foo Fighters: great singles, dodgy albums and sure this has Eno and Lanois all over it writ large, but god it benefits from it.

If Eno can weave this magic on Coldplay, maybe they can come out of their current stupor.

U2 still biggest band in the world?  Well certainly no band divides opinion liken them.  If you can get past the posturing and Messiah complex then buy this.  Or download it, whatever...


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