Sunday 12 April 2009

4 year old girl the new Beckham?

My four year old niece shows great promise.  An awesome left foot and an eye for goal.  Ok the goal was twenty foot wide...

Easter Sunday on the Island then.  Gray the climbing frame arrived, hid eggs, ate duck for lunch, got duly climbed on, and squeezed in a bit of tweeting.  Although the lack of 3G on the Island prevented the uploading of twitpics.  Frustrating.  The need for an i-phone does not lessen.

AT has now developed a love for Biffy Clyro, although his ill advised Counting Crows love continues to shine through.

Going to be an odd week with the Hillsborough anniversary on Wednesday.  The minutes silence at Anfield yesterday was about as perfect as they get and Hansen on MOTD pitched it just right.  Big post on Wednesday night about it.  Hoping I can do it justice without turning it into a rant.

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