Thursday 9 April 2009

The Black Magician Trilogy - The Novice - Book 2 - Review

Book two then, finally completed.  Took a while becasue of twitter's distractions but that's not to say that I didn't enjoy it.  If anything I enjoyed it more than the first, which was much more of a set up for the ongoing story.  It does however suffer from the classic 'middle book' syndrome, in that there is no natural end to the book.  I will purchase book three soon enough but, there's no immediate rush to want to read the concluding part.

Sonea, the young magician taken from the slums is your classic tough as nails heroine, getting picked on by her classmates and forced to be the 'novice' of the evil (?) head of the Magicians Guild.  I am intruiged to discover whether he is indeed evil or not as to be honest he is the only really interesting character, everyone else is just too damn nice apart from the other novices.

So yes book three awaits, but I'm in no great rush, this was put downable, but a nice book for the bus and the train.



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