Monday 6 April 2009

Me, AT and a PS3

So AT's PS3 has just departed from mine with new 320 gig hard drive in it and a shed load of new games.  Getting to this point was a long and winding road, and nearly a disaster when four pesky screws on the casing of the hard drive failed to move.  Or we failed to move them... whatever.  We started out at his and then moved his PS3 to mine where I had a spare case which we used on the new drive.

This naturally involved some faffing.

Once the hard drive had the backup from AT's PS3 restored via my old i-pod we set about taking advantage of a rather curious loop hole in Sony's Playstation Store.  Now I obviously have a 'few' games and add ons downloaded from the store that have been bought from my account.  The thing is you are allowed to download these games five times. So I logged in to AT's PS3 on my account and gave him a few titles for free.

Cool as.  For AT.

So we had a good day, next to no gaming, a bit of twitter, and watched little bars go up as various things happened to AT's PS3.  And no row.  Surely a record.  Happy Birthday for Weds mate.

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