Saturday 4 April 2009

Sony Home

I can't really review Home, but I just dipped in for the umpteenth time and it felt appropriate to post something.

Home is Sony's virtual world on the PS3.  It was so hotly anticipated when it came out that it was never going to live up to every ones expectations, but after four months of being in full beta testing you'd think things might have got interesting.

This link will tell you more:

Home has a central plaza with entrances to a cinema, ten pin bowling, and shopping centre.  All very pretty and well put together... but a bit soulless and cold...

There are also other areas including a virtual Red Bull Air Race and themed areas for Resi 5 and Far Cry 2.  Apart from the Air Race, which you can take part in, there isn't much to do in either of the game areas, other than walk around and look at all the pretty things, which is a bit of a let down.  

Part of the problem is the lack of abilities of your avatar.  Sure you can move around fine and look at all the pretty graphics without difficulties.  You can also dance, clap, shrug etc etc.  All very useful for interacting with all the other avatars but not much use for interacting with the environment.  Where's the climbing grabbing etc etc?

However, there's a new area up and running called The Hub.

Still no proper interaction but it does give the PS3 community something to do.  To unlock each new area you have to complete a task.  This gives Home a bit more 'gaming' emphasis, which as console owners (good spot Sony...) we like.  I haven't got through the lot yet, but I'm intrigued to see more and for the first time since launch can see myself going back to Home on a regular basis.  

There is lots of potential here, and the fact that it's all free means that Home will continue to draw people in.  However it's probably worth noting that of the twenty or so people I have on my friends list for the PS3, I never see any of them using it.  Although whenever I go in there's always loads of people there?  Weird.

So, still room to grow then and lots of things I'd like to see.  But The Hub is a start, and a sign that Sony are listening.

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