Sunday 31 May 2009

25 Seconds on ITV HD

So it was a great first 25 seconds but then Everton blew it.  Chelsea were just too strong when it mattered but it was a decent FA Cup Final.  They've all been a bit drab since the Liverpool/West Ham Final although this has got as much to do with the pitch at Wembley than anything else.

Now the picture looked ok on ITV HD, which I may have glanced at while working yesterday, but looked dreadful on the highlights last night in standard def.

It got me thinking about why Sky don't have ITV HD available through their service so this morning I thought I'd investigate.  And it turns out that if you've received the new Sky Electronic Program Guide (EPG) update you can add the channel manually.  I'm still waiting for my box to update, but for those of you that have it this is good news for next season.  I think there may be issues with recording stuff and it still won't appear in your usual listings but at least it means Champions League games and potentially World Cup matches in high def.  Sweet.

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