Friday 1 May 2009

Bank. Holiday. Weekend.

What happens on this bank holiday is a weird one.  Obviously it's good that it is a bank holiday.  But 23 years ago this weekend was kind of one of those pivotal ones in life.  Not in a particularly good way either.  Soz for vagueness.  But won't blog on the 5th as a mark of respect.

So anyway... have a shed load to look forward to.

Tomorrow is a Ledger night.  Full Ledger attendance.  El Classico, Pro Evo, Guitar Hero (full band review to follow), and Hatton.  MOTD for good measure?  Probably.  And there's enough magazines for two each!  Don't say I haven't prepared!

Sunday will be about recovery and possibly harvesting the lawn.

Monday I'm travelling to Old Portsmouth for lunch... can't wait etc etc.

So how are you?

Sorry, just changing the subject.

Expect drunken result updates from the Ledger tomorrow night.  Laters.

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