Friday 8 May 2009

Grave Peril - Review

It took me ages to read this.  There have been a number of distractions... but I finished it off last night after my icon post.

Third in the Dresden Files series (see earlier book reviews) by Jim Butcher, this was by far the best so far.  Creepy yet seductive vampires, nightmare demons (literally nightmares that attack you when you sleep) and an un-put-downable last fifty pages.  Harry's magical abilities always seem to get better when he's about to die, which is kinda handy and at times the writing can seem a bit, well basic, but they are good reads and this was highly enjoyable.

These books do keep me coming back for more and I will get the next in the series, I kinda think they'd make a good TV show, sort of Buffy on speed.  Which in itself sounds brilliant.


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