Monday 4 May 2009

Guitar Hero World Tour - Review

When four friends play the same game for four hours, from midnight until four in the morning, it must be pretty special.  The Ledgers play tested Guitar Hero to the max.  It is genius.  Rarely have the four of us had a more enjoyable four hours spent together than this.

I find the drumming hard.  JMcG and duck to water spring to mind.  JMcG, AT and I do not sound like angels, but the boycheese?  Pretty much... it was four in the morning, my judgment may have been skewed.  AT and I can not play guitars.  You would not have known.

The Ledgers rocked indeed.

Yes we got stuck on Sweet Home Alabama, but we'll be back, and we will own it.

It's awesome to have played a game where there's a sense of all of us working together, everyone contributing their bit.  Guitar Hero on my own will never be the same after this.  It's a bit like playing Cod or Killzone without a Ledger on board.  Still fun, but not the same.  

Frankly who cares about the graphics.  Who really pays them any attention.  All you care about his hitting your 'string', hitting the 'cymbol', or 'singing' sort of the right note.

Most fun on a Playstation ever... maybe.  Time will tell.

But for now...


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