Tuesday 19 May 2009

Sony X-Series Walkman - My thoughts and that...

I promised last week I'd get my hands on one of these and let you know what I thought.  Just to clarify I haven't bought one, I just got have a lil play.

Two years ago, this would have been a world beater.  Now though it will live in the shadow of the i-Pod Touch.

Sony, for the most part make lovely bits of kit, that despite the pricepoint make you drool.  To be honest this isn't one of them.  It has a weird feel to it.  It should be shiny but they've gone for sort of graphite type, roughish finish that feels a little odd in ones hands.

The touch screen is ok, and video's in particular look great on it, but it is smaller than a Touch's and the cover flow option looks like a poor impression of Apple's.  

It has Wifi but it feels fiddly compared to the i-Pods and the real error, that Sony continue to make is, no Apps.  At least not at the moment and that is such a big miss.

There are some neat innovations.  Having buttons on the top of the unit is a great way to control it without removing it from your pocket.  Clever.  There's also a nice chunky hold button...  The sound quality is also fantastic with noise cancelling built in.  

It's not a bad try to be honest.  And if Apple didn't exist we'd all want one.  But they do, so we don't.  Sorry Sony.

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