Friday 22 May 2009

Tidy Friday/Saturday... and some cool news.

When the rents come for a visit the world turns in a different way.  It spins faster, leading to time being condensed.  They will be here on Sunday for the first time in nearly two years and I am having a tidy/tart the place up fest.

On the plus side, the whole blogging/twitter thing may be about to pay off as I'm about to attempt to start writing, well trying to get things published, on a gaming website.  It's not a paid thing, just a possible door opening thing.  Will keep you posted on how that goes... exciting though.  Anything I attempt to get published I will post on here under a Platform Nation tag.  But here's the link so that the gamers amongst you can have a look at the site.

AT happy with last nights post, which was a relief.  And once again today he helped me get me a few bits from IKEA.  Gawd bless ya Trussy!!  (Just to clarify by helping I mean he drove, not paid for anything, although he did buy a hot dog for me.  Ledgers, ladies and gentlemen, rule.)

So more tidying to follow and horrifically, some gardening!  I am not a green fingered person by any stretch of the imagination as my spider plant will testify.  Well it would if it wasn't wheezing its last.  I think I drowned it... it said it was thirsty.

A three day weekend then, lovely.

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