Monday 27 July 2009

ATGCU2 - The Wait Part 2

Today, for the second time, AT and I were offered U2 tickets, this time for the gig on the 15th at Wembley. Of course I immediately replied and said we'd have them. I am now checking facebook, roughly every 5 minutes, for confirmation that they are ours.

This time there's no issue over who comes which is a bonus. It has a Ledger day written all over it. Sweet.

I know everyone sodding hates him (Bono), but as AT so eloquently put it, 'Talk all you want about World Hunger Bono, GC and I will sing loud enough for the whole of Wembley.' Which is excellent news for anyone standing near us....

Whilst typing this, I think we just secured them. Screw the nay sayers. Yeah, screw you. 360 here we come!

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