Friday 10 July 2009

ATGCU2 - The Wait

Two days ago a friend on facebook said that she had a mate with two tickets for U2 at Wembley on the 14th of August but could no longer attend. I immediately said I was interested in the tickets. I offered the second ticket to CatatonicCat after her recent dissapointment over the Bestival, but she can't attend. Next up was AT who I knew was on holiday in August but he said that he'd be in Spain. Next I sought out DE who had taken me to see the Foo's last year. All looked promising. Then at about 9pm last night AT text to say he didn't go to Spain until the following Monday and five minutes later Dan text to say he'd be in Cornwall. So I messaged my mate on facebook to say that I definitely wanted the tickets for AT and I.

24 hours later I am still waiting to find out if we've got them. There was much talk today that if we don't secure them through Su we'll Ebay them anyway.

With Festival and Bestival ahead I'd sort of forgotten to go for U2 tickets but now I'm really excited at the prospect of seeing them, especially so soon. (I imagine I'll lose followers over that as everyone on twitter appears to hate them.)

'Su! FFS have we got them?!!'