Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I need some COD4 practice....

The first ever non ProEvo Ledger was contested tonight on Cod4 after theboycheese and I managed to get both PS3's up and running at mine and set up an online game.


Semi Finals. 1st Legs.

JMcG 13 Kills theboycheese 9 Kills
AT 10 Kills GC 11 Kills

Semi Finals 2nd Legs

theboycheese 8 Kills JMcG 15 Kills (agg 17-28)
GC 11 Kills AT 10 Kills (agg 22-20)

Final 1st Leg

JMcG 27 Kills GC 8 Kills

Final 2nd Leg

GC 14 Kills JMcG 21 Kills (agg 22-48)

So yep my first final.  Utter humiliation.  Awesome.  :-(