Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Next Icon Theme is....

No not bridges.  Australians.  That's right guys, for the next four weeks the Icon posts will be Australian only.  I was gonna call it 'Antipodean' but it turns out that includes Zimbabwe and South Africa.  Do South Africans consider themselves antipodean?  Weird.

Anyway, Australians or something Australian that you consider to be Iconic as suggestions, sort of as a little homage to the Ashes.  I eagerly await @RickHarwood suggesting Kylie's arse.  Again.

For those that haven't got involved before, you can twitter to @diaryofaledger or @Gray333 (soon to be retired permanently, two accounts equals nightmare and getting told off by @WH1SKS) or you can use the facebook fan page or... for those that know me a text or email will suffice.

We had a go at lunch today and there's loads of Icons to choose from but right from the outset, I won't be doing Rolf Harris.

Suggestions from now until 8pm tomorrow considered.  Good luck and that.