Saturday 25 July 2009

SFX Magazine's free gift?

Apparently this was an ASDA/SFX exclusive.  A Battlestar Galactica patch!  I would have been less embarrassed buying porn.

Nothing shouts 'nerd' more than a patch.  Patches are for the worst kind of science fiction fan.  The sort that dress up as a Klingon*.  

I heart SFX magazine usually but the patch and their about turn on Watchmen via their Blue Ray review is a poor show.  Maybe I should have bought it in WHSmith but there's something about their insistence on offering me half price Galaxy or Toblerone, every time I visit, that I find vaguely sinister.

So the patch is sitting on my desk staring at me malevolently.  I may have to burn it.  How on earth does a magazine enter into an exclusive deal with a Supermarket?  Where could this lead?  What horrors await me next month in ASDA?

*I am slightly amused that 'Klingon' did not provoke a spell check from Google.  I heart you Google.  Also I have never dressed as a Klingon, just for reference.

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