Wednesday 29 July 2009

Some unpleasant news about Wii Sports Resort... It's Crap.

For those of you that heart the Wii and I know there are some of you out there, this will not be the video for you. Also if you have delicate sensibilities and don't approve of people making highly inappropriate jokes about the Wii being used as lure by paedos, it's probably not for you either. However if you, like me, think the Wii is basically a cash cow with depressing games that have never lived up to the potential of the control system or if you just like really cool observational comedy delivered at the speed of sound, watch.

Ladies, gentlemen and quadrupeds, Yahtzee reviews Wii Sports Resort.

I know I promised more news tonight. Hell I wish I could bring it to you here, but at the moment I'm still waiting on a text from The Giant. So patience and that.

As a little aside to Yahtzee's video this week. I do quite like Mario Cart, I really dig that little steering wheel.

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