Monday 24 August 2009

The Ashes - We won and that...

We can all put cricket away again for another four years and go back to watching football.  Yesterday England won the series 2-1 to win the five match series (there were a couple of draws, that's right, five day games that end in draws...).  It was all a bit of a formality yesterday with the Aussies needing a world record 2nd innings total to win the Test.

Of course this was England so there was always a chance they'd balls it up but in the end they won with a day to spare.  I did celebrate the wickets falling and whooped a bit when we won only to have my joy crushed out of me by AT and theboycheese who were decidedly underwhelmed by the whole thing.  So why is this?  Why is cricket less engaging than football?

There's less tension I think.  Less moments of decisiveness and whilst individuals do shine, it's rare that one character can dominate a game in the way a Ronaldo or a Gerrard can.  Sure cricket is a game of skill, but it gets a bit repetitive, especially when one team are struggling to get the other out.

I'm pleased England won but I agree with theboycheese that it didn't feel the same as four years ago.  We'd gone so long without winning it back then and you also had two teams who both played well.  That wasn't always the case with this series.

Football has the ability to move (emotionally) in a way that no other sport ever quite manages to achieve.  A brief flirtation with cricket then, I won't mention it again.

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