Saturday 8 August 2009


So Brighton's pretty cool then!  LJ took me on a graffiti tour and there's loads of it but I totally fell in love with the battered and broken/burnt to a crisp West Pier.  At first glance you think 'eye soar' but then you spend some time staring at it and there's this odd beauty to the charred metal sticking out of the sea.  It looks incredible at all times of the day and once again I was left ruing my lack of an SLR.  However my little compact Casio did an ok job of capturing the weirdness.

Brighton is, although this is a cliché, London by the Sea.  But if anything, it's cooler.  I may have to revise my Lottery win destination.  We had some truly surreal moments.

Whilst sat watching the end of a gay wedding outside the town hall a group of about four people walked by.  Normal looking folk.  Shopping trip or some such. But one was dressed as a banana.  Both of us completely failed to get our cameras out as we were far to busy giggling at the wedding party.  There were some interesting outfits there as well.

The graffiti is everywhere and you can view all of my pics from the weekend here.  There are also some of me, trousers rolled up, paddling in the sea, yes I know I need a haircut and one of LJ in a back alley having a giggling fit after slurping on Arthur.  (If you've not been to Shakeaway that is gonna sound so bad.)  Click on the pics above to see them in there full glory.

However there was one big highlight on the graffiti front.

A Banksy.

First time I've seen one in the flesh.  Awesome.

And here's one for AT and JMcG.  Not a Banksy but on the same pub wall.

Great couple of days, I even wound up in an indie club shuffling my feet to the Strokes.  Thanks for a great time LJ.

We even won the Dolphin Derby (LJ won) on the Pier (not the burnt one) and gave it to Fernandomando (who joined us for coffee and the Pier) which he later gave to his son.

I ♥ Brighton!


  1. Great post, thanks Gray - sums up a fun few days, and the wonders of this beautiful city I'm proud to call home.

    I notice you forgot to mention that you were asked for ID at the club...

  2. Errr... I'm 36, I got asked for ID. What part of you doesn't think I'm cool with that?

  3. The bit where you say you're 36