Monday 3 August 2009

One of those rare days... oh and the Ledgers Fantasy Football League

It's one of those rare days when I have little or nothing to write about.  I haven't finished anything to review, I haven't done anything remotely Ledger, and all I really did was work, whilst discreetly keeping one eye on the cricket.  Which ended in a draw.  Bugger.

The Ledgers are about to start their own Fantasy Football League.  Get in touch with @theboycheese on twitter if you want to get involved.  Ricky Bobby, you know you want to.  We're using the 'Sun's' (spits) Dream Team to pick our squads but then MC (theboycheese) is going to run the whole thing for us on his Mac.  Bless him.  He really loves his Mac.

So anyway here's my team.  Ladies, Gentlemen and Remote Hits from distant lands... (hi Romanian reader) I give you The Wangs.


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