Sunday 27 September 2009

I ♥ Paintball

I needn't of worried to be honest. Paintball is just great fun.

AT and I left mine at just after 7 this morning to pick up JMcG and theboycheese before heading for Bournemouth for a nine o'clock start. I was genuinely apprehensive, the others had all done it before at least once but I was a Paintball virgin.

When we got there we got kitted out in our combats and were informed that it was games of 25 a side. Our team, despite losing game one kicked ass and I think we ran out 6-3 overall. I shot some people, I got shot. We learnt that the demisting spray for the goggles is an absolute must, AT and I spent game one behind a couple of bushes saying, 'I can't see a f***ing thing!' a lot. So lessons were learnt.

One game was a bit of a waste of time but other than that it was enormous fun.

One small anecdote for you. Lunch was provided. A burger each, seems reasonable right? Theboycheese consumed three, by slightly changing his appearance each time he went for one, and promptly won our team the next match by getting to our opponents base without getting shot. Look how happy he was... clearly three burgers for MC is like three Shredded Wheat for the rest of us mere mortals.

One for JMcG's twitter fan club.

And finally one of AT.... for his... (?)

Great day. Thanks to MC for sorting it and AT for driving us all down there. Roll on next weekend when the Ledgers get together to road test FIFA 10.


  1. Are you sure that you just went 'paintballing' in the New Forest area of the world? A place that is notorious for its 'training camps'. Anyone of you lot know any hairdressers? I'm thinking hydrogen peroxide by the kilo. Think about it...

  2. I've tried commenting three times tonight...
    here goes again-
    You now have the bug...they'll be no stopping you now. Where's the picture of you? ;0)

  3. We did love it and are already talking about doing it again soon. I'm in the first pic, I'll have to see if any of the others has one of me.