Wednesday 30 September 2009

I'd also like a flying cat that dispenses harps.

Weirdly for once I'm writing underneath Yahtzee's vid.  I'm mixing it up.  Just for you.  If you've already hit play and been offended then I am of course truly very so... who am I kidding...  If you are easily offended, hi Mum, and you haven't hit play yet, don't.

Tonight I am slowly, so slowly, downloading the multi-player Beta of Uncharted 2.  I am very interested to see how it plays.  I loved the off-line game from two years ago, it was a real gem in the first year of the PS3, so the sequel is highly anticipated here in Ledger Towers.  The inclusion of a multi-player game though is an interesting one.  I never liked the 3rd person perspective on Metal Gear Solid 4's multi-player mode, although the actual game was stunning and I'm wondering whether I will learn to love it here.  A game like Cod4 gets the balance right between an amazing, yet brief, off-line game and a stunning multi-player that keeps giving.  I get the feeling that balance might not be quite there with Uncharted 2.  The first game must have been a good 20 hours on first play through and that's a substantial commitment for most of us working gamers.  To then put a multi-player on top of that might be too much.  We will see.

Two days time sees FIFA Friday emerge, I have the day off and I will be up early to buy/play and hopefully review later in the day.

For those that missed it last night's Gameswipe, Charlie Brooker's excellent gaming show on BBC4, was very good and worth a watch.  You can find it here on BBC iplayer.


  1. Did you see on Charlies Twitter feed that he tried to get Yahtzee on Gameswipe! Would have been great, like a big swearing fight off :-)

  2. That's such as shame. Would love to see some of Yahtzee on TV.