Tuesday 22 September 2009

Mac v's PC for #teamMac

The picture on the left is a pretty fair reflection of my PC set up. Slimline HP Desktop and a 22 inch monitor. It does what I need it to do. The monitor has a great, glossy screen and the slimline tower is about as sexy as a desktop gets. I have a pretty little terabyte hard drive sat next to it and it all looks pretty cool on my big black IKEA desk. However there are issues. No web cam on the monitor means a peripheral which along with an i-Pod dock and printer leads to clutter. Vista is ok and using loads of Google stuff such as Chrome makes the whole experience more enjoyable than my previous PC experiences.

However it has not stopped my yearning for an Apple Mac. Every time I get near one, which happens a lot, I know I'd enjoy the experience even more.

I mean look at them! Could a piece of technology be any prettier. The screens alone make mine look like a CRT. And of course they use the gorgeous operating system Leopard or Snow Leopard, which is totally built with the user in mind. It just makes sense. I had the good fortune to play around with i-Movie a few weeks back and it was a joy to use.

They are, however, very expensive. I wouldn't get one for the money I spent on my set up, which is perfectly adequate, but that does not stop the yearning. And I suspect it never will until that itch is scratched.

The vid below is dedicated to #TeamMac who wound me up this morning about my lack of a Mac. The buggers.

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