Friday 25 September 2009

#tweetathon 2009 update and Yahtzee

Ok so here's where we are at with the tweetathon.

I've gone past my original target of £150 so I will definitely be online on twitter for 48 hours. I've got some stuff planed for the two days but you'll need to be on twitter to see what that's gonna be. So is that it? Do you stop donating? No Sir/Madam I still require more. As you can see I've now raised my target to £1000. There is a new reason to donate but if you want to know what that is you will need to chat to me on twitter or be on my facebook 'fan' page (yep still not entirely comfortable with that one).

So anyway after two lengthy posts the last two evenings I apologise for tonight's lazy blogging but to cheer you up here's Yahtzee being funny about Guitar Hero 5 and The Beatles Rock Band. There is some choice language that makes me chuckle. You might not like it. So don't watch if you know that 'The Bad Words' make you cry and that.

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