Monday 2 November 2009

Tattoo #1

Mum, in her own unique way, didn't get all weird about the tattoo after reading my previous post, simply just asking where it was going and making a point of saying 'it's going to be small isn't it?' I made the point that I only have little arms.

I love the two tattoos I have but they are very well hidden on my upper arms and I've always wanted one that was a bit more public. No AT not on my face.

So having completed tweetathon and raised a grand I am now committed to getting one lower down on my right arm. Below t-shirt sleeve height so people can see it.

I'll admit there hadn't been much thought much about it since tweetathon but a promise is a promise and as previously mentioned here I did have a rather brilliant idea.

Now I've considered showing possibilities on here to let you lot consider the options but I spotted something tonight that I really like, so sorry that's out the window. And no it's not the twitter 'T', or the twitter 'bird', or the twitter 'fail whale', it's way cooler than that. But there is a twitter link.

And that's all I'm giving you for now. As I get closer to getting it I will give you more updates and get someone to come with me when I get it, to take pics of my arm (and pasty face, as I come perilously close to passing out.) I'm guessing that will probably be AT or JMcG. So is this a mid life crisis thing? Maybe... but who cares about that... it's only a lil tattoo.

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