Wednesday 16 December 2009

A quiet day on the blog

So it seems like a timely moment to remind you that the Short Story Competition closing date is the 22nd December. So far four entries have been submitted which has been really exciting.

After last night's rant I'm all blogged out. I'm not really, I could rattle on about loads of things. Liverpool continue to frustrate but tonight they have won. The Ledgers, minus yours truly, are all watching Avatar tonight at the Imax Cinema in London. I'm a bit gutted I'm not there to be honest.

So to cheer myself up and make you chuckle, here's Yahtzee's review of Demon's Souls. A much talked about Japanese game that's supposed to be harder than a very hard thing. *insert your own ooer*

On a final note, you lot appear to quite like it when I have an opinion and then blog about it, judging by the amount of hits I got, so in 2010 there will be more of that. There's an election on the cards... *rubs hands*. I said 'hands', honestly you lot are terrible. ;)

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