Monday 18 January 2010

Blogs #1 Diary of a Surprised Mum

I've been thinking about doing this for a while, since @JoC00per nominated me for an award on her blog.  What I thought I'd do is write about the ones that I love and I have to start with Zoe's as it inspired me to start Diary of a Ledger.  This will be a semi regular feature until I'm done celebrating the ones that make me smile, laugh and well up.

Zoe and I have a history.  If you follow on twitter or know either of in the 'real world' you'll know that when we were a lot younger than we are now we were boyfriend and girlfriend.  (We're talking before our 20's so yes folks, a long time ago.)  In later years we've become friends again and got to hang out a bit at festivals on the Isle of Wight.

Zoe now has a daughter and her blog is mainly about her relationship with Isobel and her brutally honest stories about life as a single parent.

I came across it via links posted on facebook and slowly became hooked.  Initially, and I think this is true for anyone who's never read a blog, I was sceptical.  Why do it?  Why put your life out there so openly for everyone to read including details about relationships etc?  I didn't get it at first.  Partly I think because of the ex factor but partly because I didn't know what to make of it.  I'd read about Zoe's daughter's father and just think, 'Oh god if I was him I'd be so pissed,' etc.

However slowly but surely I started to think that actually Zoe wasn't hiding behind anything, there was never any doubt about who she was writing and her love for Isobel, who I can report is a little star having met her in the summer, shone through.  The purchase of an iPhone gave Zoe the chance to upload to her blog directly and pictures started to become more of a regular feature.

Zoe doesn't hold back, never did and never will.  She doesn't write about anything other than her life with Isobel, it is a genuine diary.  (Unlike this, which has evolved into something else entirely.)

If things are tough for Zoe, she tells her readers things are tough.  She doesn't hide behind a review of a pram.  I admire that, I read every post and it inspired me to start.  Long may you continue to write Zo.

You can also follow Zoe on twitter @Surprisedzoe.

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