Monday, 11 January 2010


When a new TV series launches there's always hype and there has been a fair bit about Glee.  But when a new series drops a C-Bomb in the first few minutes, about one minute past nine on a Monday night, you damn well know that this might be aces.

For a series set in a high school it's also a pretty brave opening.  Also within the first five minutes it's pretty clear that 'Sue', played by Jane Lynch, is gonna become a pretty iconic character.

But anyway there was a C-Bomb.  I think I'm in love.*

The heating?  Don't ask.  It's not fixed.  I got grumpy, was mean to AT (sorry dude) and have to wait for a part to be ordered.

*There also seems to be a very good script and I've laughed out loud at other stuff besides the C-Bomb.  Honest.

Ok lil amendment to tonight's post.  After some checking from @theboycheese it turns out I miss heard the C-Bomb.  Post stays up though cause Glee is ace.

For the record  what was actually said was 'budget cuts' which I miss heard as 'bunch of c***'.  Gettin' old ain't I. 8)