Wednesday 27 January 2010

iPad - Glass half empty?

When I first saw an iPhone I was gob smacked by it.  Tonight for about twenty minutes I felt the same about the iPad.  I love the look of it, as per usual with Apple they've created a sexy looking piece of kit but the functionality doesn't look ground breaking any more.

If this had come out first and we were now looking at the launch of the iPhone we'd all be talking about how amazing it was that they'd crammed the tech into a device you can hold in your hand.  But by going larger some of the magic is lost particularly when all the functionality looks so familiar.

The iBook app looks like it has potential and the New York Times app showed how the press might make use of it, but essentially none of it felt particularly surprising.

The price point isn't bad, lower than many expected, however the device just isn't as spectacular as expected either so it kind of balances itself out.  Sort of.

There was a gap in the market for a device like this but Apple have already filled it with the iPhone.

I wanted to be in awe of it.  I'm not.

(Although when I see one in the flesh it's more than possible I will fall head over heals in love.)

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  1. There is a very good analysis of all things Apple here:

    Apple's operating system is UNIX based, just look here:

    I saw the presentation of the iPad and it seems Apple has developed a device to fit inside the big pockets of Apple customers. How amazing that it is a device that will browse the internet and send emails. I must take out a second mortage to get one.