Wednesday 13 January 2010

Lil Sis is on twitter as @SisterLedge.

Finally after months of nagging my sister is on twitter as @SisterLedge.  She doesn't have an avatar yet, has no idea what she's doing, but she's there, tweeting with the rest of us.

What I'm hoping is that she'll a) fall in love with it like I have and b) realise how much support she can get from all the other Mum's on twitter who will totally sympathise with all the 'kids' issues she has with her two.

twitter (sic) can be so useful and in the last week, when I've had no heat, it can be a great support net work.  You rarely feel alone and it's also a fantastic place to vent.

twitter's (sic) also been in the news today as it has been one of the few ways that Haitians have been able to communicate to the outside world following the earthquake they suffered today.  Truly awful time for the poorest nation in the Western World and the pictures on Sky News this evening were distressing, clearly a lot of people have lost their lives.

If you bump into @SisterLedge on line (how cool is the name by the way?) say hi and help her out.  Cheers.

Tomorrow is #iconthursday and @nessalouise is in charge of the theme.

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